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Zanzibar Beach
Zanzibar Beach

Beach holidays We offer booking and services in Zanzibar, for villas, resorts and luxury hotels from House of Wonders, your absolute partner for a holiday on Zanzibar Island, like Stone Town tour (or one of your choice) for few hours before you catch your flight or continue with your schedule. This tours is recommended to people who are in hurry who plan to attend an important meeting or who have already attend a certain event(s), and they would need to do one tour before depart. Almost everyone combines their safari with a stay in on the beach, and most visit the main Zanzibar island of Unguja, Pemba, and Mafia Coast on the main land Tanzania On the Beaches of Tanzania and Zanzibar you can Beachenjoy almost every imaginable beach activities, from sea sports, massages, diving, kite surfing and sunbathing. On your way in or out from spice island if time permit you will have opportunity to visit among many few attractions available in the island . These are historical sites, spice tours and forest In some areas you can as well fish for your meal. Please contact us for your inquiries on choice of accommodation based on standards, location and how many days you want to spend.

The most economical hotels that we use for a Zanzibar holiday are Shooting Star, Mchanga and Echo Beach. All are well established, good value small hotels that have good beaches and personal service. Shooting Star is the oldest of the bunch and with its location on the top of a cliff it has the best views on Zanzibar. The rooms are spacious and the food and service is very good for the price. Mchanga is a similar style lodge with the same owners, located further North from Shooting Star. With only 10 rooms it’s much smaller and a more cosy feel. The pick of the bunch however is Echo Beach. Located further South on Zanzibar’s southerly-east beach. Echo Beach is near Breezes and Baraza offering charming accommodation and the best kitchen around. Fantastic food cooked by the owner Andrew and a beautifully relaxed approach to service, making Echo our favourite lodge in this price bracket.

We make use of hotels that offer affordable packages as a part of our holidays safaris in Tanzania. If you are searching for the best Tanzania holiday packages online, you can rely on. Some of the hotels we use as a part of our Zanzibar holiday are Echo Beach, Mchanga and Shooting Star. We are committed to choosing reputed hotels that provide finest quality services and excellent value for money. These hotels are also equipped with beaches to help people relax and unwind in the best manner. Shooting Star is a most ancient one among the list. It is located on a cliff top to offer amazing views of Zanzibar. You can find the rooms really spacious and highly delicious food is served to deliver a captivating experience for your taste buds. Most importantly, the pricing is highly affordable. Mchanga is also a highly reputed hotel with same facilities and it is located on the northern side of Shooting Star. This hotel has 10 rooms but the size is smaller compared to that of Shooting Star. However, the rooms offer a cozy feel for the guests. The most favorite hotel among the list for a large number of people is Echo Beach. It is situated on the southern side of the Southerly-east beach in Zanzibar. We recommend this hotel for those who buy our best Tanzania honeymoon packages.

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