Destinations in Tanzania are very popular in many tourists in the World also plan their vacations and holidays in Tanzania because of the quiet relaxed atmosphere .

The Serengeti National Park is the most attraction of Tanzania apart from the other national parks like Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire Park, Lake Manyara, Ruaha and Selous National Park. Mount Kilimanjaro provides some exotic eye-pleasure with its snow-capped peaks. Among one of the most extremely interesting islands in Tanzania, is the ‘Spice Island’ of Zanzibar. Located on the eastern coast of Tanzania, this island also has several historical ruins and palaces and is a vital heritage site. Since, there are few islands in the country; there are some cool and serene beaches too, which have become major tourist destinations.

Apart from the natural attractions of Tanzania, there are several archeological and historical places too in the country. Some of the vital archeological sites include Laetoli, Palace of Husuni Kubwa, Engaruka and Kalambo Falls. Olduvai Gorge Museum is also a major tourist attraction in Tanzania. The Stone Town in Tanzania with its narrow meandering roads and vibrant markets has also fascinated tourists from across the globe. The Arusha Cultural Heritage Center and the Mafuta House has also developed as places of attraction in Tanzania.

Northern Tanzania

Tanzania’s Northern Circuit is most interest safaris and usually include several parks in the North of the country,we set out to give you a combination of National Parks’ comfortable lodges where possible and private camps that have no boundaries. The information below will guide you through the most famous parks and hopefully give you an insight into what one might see on a driving safari.

National Parks in Tanzania including – Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the famous Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti National Park and let us not forget the compact but enchanting Arusha National Park.

have a look at our Wild-Life, Trekking & Climbing and Cultural Classics to see how we can turn these ingredients into your perfect holiday adventure!

When to go on Safari

When to go on Safari. Find out the best time to go on an African safari in Kenya, Tanzania. There’s also a month by month guide to the best safari destinations in Tanzania as well as a guide for those interested in the best time to see gorillas, chimpanzees, birds and whales.

Safari Planner

The Safari Planner will help you make sense of the variety of safari combinations that are out there and to choose the one that best fits your animal-viewing desires.

What NOT to do on Safari in Tanzania

Find out what NOT to do when you are on safari in Tanzania. These tips will help you enjoy your safari and also keep you safe! Advice on basic safari etiquette, respecting wildlife, packing, tipping and more.

What to Pack for a Safari

A packing list for your Tanzania safari. Find out what to pack to stay comfortable and safe on your safari in Tanzania. Make sure you don’t over pack because luggage restrictions are very tight on small planes that fly to and in between safari camps/lodges. Essential items include cameras, binoculars, chargers and adapters.

How Many Days Should You Plan a Safari For?

What is the ideal length of a safari in Africa? The best answer is probably one week. Find out why a week is the ideal length for a safari, and when you may want to opt for a longer or shorter trip. This would depend on several factors including popular add-ons like a Cape Town visit, or a few days on the beach.

Private Safari or a Group Safari?

What are the benefits of a private safari over a group safari with a set itinerary? Is a private safari always more expensive? Are there benefits to a group safari? Is a private safari more dangerous? These are common questions when you are considering a safari in Africa. Here are tips on the pros and cons of each safari type.

Family Safaris in Tanzania

Information about family safaris in Tanzania. Recommended family-friendly safaris, accommodations and countries to visit in Tanzania. Tips on keeping your children happy and safe while on safari in Tanzania.

Southern Tanzania

lion drinking water in Tanzania southern Parks

Southern Tanzania’s parks still hold that feeling of the pioneering days. There is a hand full of tasteful camps and lodges to choose from that create that real safari experience with all the trimmings of a hotel. The wildlife is indeed wild, each park telion familynds to hold its own special selection of rare sightings, maybe a pack of wild dog lazing under a shady tree, or sable and roan antelope caught out in the open as they come to drink. A safari to the south will leave you refreshed and ready for the next part of your African Experience.

the Southern National parks are Mikumi National park, Udzungwa mountains National park, Kitulo National park, Ruaha National park and Selous Game Reserve.

Best time to Visit the Southern Circuit

The best time to visit parks in Southern Tanzania is during the dry season (June – November) because the roads are passable and you can actually drive around (which helps on safari!). The dry season also means that the game is more concentrated around the rivers that run through these vast parks, thus making it easier to spot wildlife. From December – March you get more chance of seeing young animals but the weather is very hot and humid.

Western Tanzania

western is the Great Rift-Valley inland lake which is Lake Tanganyika and include national parks of Island National Park, Gombe Stream National Park, Mahale Mountains National Park, Katavi National Park.

All the three national parks in this circuit offer unique opportunities to see chimpanzees in their natural habitat. These habitats adjoin West and East Africa, therefore their landscapes, rainfall, flora and fauna are peculiar to this part of Africa.

The western circuit is seldom explored on its own but is more often and addition to either the southern or northern safaris, or both.

Owing to the remoteness of this circuit the travel both by an aircraft and a boat is necessary in order to experience this lovely extremity of Tanzania.

Best time to Visit the Western Circuit

The best time to visit parks in Western Tanzania is during the dry season (June – November) because the roads within the parks are passable. The dry season also means that the game is more concentrated around the rivers that run through these vast parks, thus making it easier to spot wildlife. When viewing chimpanzees though, the wet-season (December to April) makes it a little easier to find the chimps since they don’t have to roam too far to get water

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