Reviews From Our Clients

We only had 2 days for the safari and a very limited budget. Thanks to David and his team, we got a lot of positive emotions, saw a lot of animals in Tarangire and Arusha National Parks (including 4 of the big 5) and just had a great time.
Many thanks to Sia who turned out to be a very professional good guide, good driver and just a good guy.
I recommend Kili Slope to everyone.

Viktoriia Oleksiienko
Wonderful safari days with the perfect tour operator
It was the best experience so far.
We met David and he helped us with a lot of informations.
Kili Slope and tours is the best agency, Jackson ,the driver, is very kind and professional.I sent my request to at least 10 agencies but I chose Kili Slope.
We changed several times the dates, the schedule because of the pandemic but everything went well.
I would highly recommend it.

Safari Kevin
Fantastic safari experience with Kili Slope
David was instrumental in ensuring that every details of our 4 day itinerary was looked after with professionalism. Everything went as planned. Thanks to Our driver Stuart, who was knowledgeable, familiar with the landscape; we saw the big 5. The accomodations were all very good. I Strongly recommend them for your next safari. Asante Sana guys!

Excellent customer service – David was superb
We booked a safari with Kili Slope who came recommended by a friend that went on this trip, and it was the best decision we could have made! David helped to arrange and customize the trip to our needs and was available to us 24/7. The itinerary was very detailed, and everything was organized seamlessly as described. Our driver, Siya was exceptional. His knowledge and passion for his job and the animals were incredible. He helped make our trip a memorable one.

Joanna C
Incredible 7 Day Safari
We had a very good time with our guide RAMADHAN CHAMBUSO. He picked us up at the hotel the first day and took excellent care of us until the end. His eye for animals is unique. We have seen them all. Since we were traveling alone with him as a family, he was able to perfectly adapt the five safari days to our wishes and his ideas.

Raymond T
5 Days Special Safari to see migration
Through a friend I got in touch with Kilislopes and David organized a wonderful safari tour for me and my girlfriend.
The communication was fast and uncomplicated, due to Corona we could only confirm our trip the day before we arrived but everything worked out perfectly. We were picked up at the airport and started from there with guide and cook on an incredible 4-day camping safari (Tarangire NP, Serengeti NP, Ncorongoro Crater). We saw the BIG 5 and the overnight stay in a tent in the Serengeti was a unique experience. The safari exceeded my expectations – thanks a lot for these amazing days! Asante sana!

Awesome 4day safari experience
We travelled to Tanzania on our honeymoon and we chose Kili Slope Tours as our safari operator. We couldn’t be happier with our experience! They organized everything, from transfers to/from the airport, accommodation in Arusha and everything during the safari. They proposed a tailor-made 9-days safari experience through Tarangire, Serengeti (North and Central) and Ngorongoro crater.
Our guide, Enock, knows everything about wildlife and always found the best spots to see the animals. Throughout the whole time, he was kind and willing to teach us more about the different species.
All the places we stayed were wonderful, very nice staff and great food! The hot meals were always balanced and tasty, and we loved the wine too, of course. Indeed you see everyone else eating pre-packed cold lunches except for us.
Honestly we couldn’t recommend Soul of Tanzania more, and our guide Enock, who we will cherish forever for these amazing times in Tanzania.

Joser S
Once-in-a-lifetime safari experience!
“When I was planing my safari I sent my request to a few different companies. The first company replying to my message was Kili Solpe. Thx for that.
During this Corona pandemic it was necessary for me to switch my trip several times because my flights were canceled. David was really cooperative and did his best to change the date of safari. He organized everting very quickly. I was so happy to choose his company.
On 10th of August 2020 I did the 6 day safari Central Serengeti, Northern Circuit and Lake Natron, exactly as I wished to do it. And I was so lucky! I saw so many animals, fantastic!
I started safari by flying into Serengeti! It was incredible to see Serengeti from the sky.
After landing in Serengeti we started the game drive immediately. Simon was my guide and we should be very lucky within just a few hours as we saw lions hunting a gazelle. Some of the jeeps just passed that place not recognizing what will happen soon. We waited in first raw until it happens. So lucky! Thx Simon!
He knows Serengeti so well, was connected to the other drivers all the time and brought me to so many places worth to see. I had really a lot of questions to him as I am thinking about doing my field guide. He had an answer to each of theses.
This was almost my third safari. So I have the possibly to compare a little bit and I was so lucky while recognizing I did the right choice.
Thanks a lot to Kili Slope making my holidays so good!”

Sussan R
6 day Safari Serengeti & Lake Natron It was an amazing safari!
I want to thank Kili slope Tours and Safaris for the greatest service on Marangu route to Kilimanjaro. We had a big team of porters and several guides who were all just the nicest, kindest guys and one lady, who made sure we had everything to make it to the top. Especially I would like to thank our guide Ismail who lead us to the summit. His guidance was superior. You don’t fully realize until you start the climb how important to have a good guide to lead you, how important to listen to him. We were the luckiest to have Ismail with us. He’s the best!!! The climb was tough, but we all made it!
The Kili slope team cheered us up every day with songs and dance and the big celebration performance (and the cake ;)) after the climb. It was fantastic!!!!!! Thank you so much for the great memories, for making us believe in ourselves. I’m so happy to climbe Kilimanjaro with you, guys! I hope we meet again! One team, one dream!!!
I highly recommend Kili slope tours and safaris, they totally know what they’re doing and they do it with heart. The best service, care, food and as the result all of the 11 people in our group reached the summit.

Maria Shabanova
Marangu route to Kilimanjaro
I booked the safari just a few days prior to my arrival in Tanzania and requested just two quotes. The first request got an immediate response from another company that used polished language and cookie-cutter text. My second request was directed at Kili Slope and David responded quickly, apologetically asking for some extra time. Why not? So when I finally received the quote I could see that the itinerary was genuinely put together for me individually, based on the information I had provided, and David’s sincerity shone through. I’m ultimately glad I chose Kili Slope. Such a great team!
Everything went superbly well from start to finish. David showed himself flexible and thought along with me the two times I considered itinerary changes. In the end I stuck to the original plan, but I knew I could have it any way I wanted. The accommodations were comfortable, and sometimes even had a ‘Wow!’ Factor. Also, David personally sees to it that any issues are fixed even if it costs him a lot of personal time!!
Special thanks to our excellent driver Salim, whom I jokingly referred to as our ‘safari manager’. The other single traveler in our small group and I were able to leave all the thinking to him and simply relax and have a great experience. He was very professional and every day he would brief us on the experiences ahead, check in with our preferences and tailor the day’s game drive itinerary accordingly. What really sets him apart however, I think, is his passion for his country, and its nature and animals. Not just a driver to show you the big five (and see them we did!) so you could snap a few pictures and move on, he was eager to share his love for each and every animal, big or small. He explained the animals’ and trees’ characteristics and we had quite a few laughs over what turned out to be some quirky theatrics of nature. The safari truly came to life. I observed other drivers from other operators along the way. They seemed bored, and I believe Salim gave us much more. He calls the Serengeti his home and made us feel welcome.
I definitely recommend Kili Slope!

Ludwig Fun
A safari that truly came to life, thanks to the sincerity of the team and their passion for wildlife
went on a 5 day budget safari in June 2018 to Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro. We were in a group of four (two couples) and it was a fantastic experience. It was my third safari experience and a first for the other three.
I researched safari companies excessively prior to any bookings and Kili Slope appeared to be the best with regards to reviews and cost. Communication was impeccable and I always received prompt responses to my messages. Payment was made really easy. They ask for a small deposit to secure a safari and the remainder is paid in cash upon arrival. They picked us up from the airport and we were put into a budget hotel for the first night in Arusha for no charge which was an added bonus. The entire package is all-inclusive with no hidden costs (tipping the guide and cook were our only extra costs).
The safari itself was an incredible life-changing experience. Our guide, Salim, was phenomenal. He was friendly, professional at all times, really enthusiastic about his job and just understands animals on a whole other level. He knew exactly where to go and we got into really close proximity to a multitude of animals – cheetahs, lions, leopards, hippos, rhinos, etc. He made it his priority to find us the big five and give us the best experience possible.
We elected for budget accommodation and we stayed in a fairly “glamping” style ensuite tent in Manyara with actual beds and the remainder were in tents pitched in campsites. The Serengeti accommodation was basic with running water for showers in the campsite. It was however made exceptional by Sam’s cooking who accompanied us for the trip. We elected to have packed lunches (sandwiches, pancakes, juice, fried chicken, fruit) so we could maximise safari time. We were treated to a hot breakfast and a three-course dinner every day. The Ngorongoro campsite is lush with Wi-fi and hot water.
The service and tour greatly exceeded expectations and I would definitely recommend Kili Slope Tours and Safaris to anybody looking into booking a safari in Tanzania. I would personally request Salim, if at all possible.
Thank you Kili Slopes for a fabulous time!

5 day Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro budget safari
I have booked a 8 nights Safari in Tanzania between Tarangire – Lake Manyara – Lake Natron – Serengeti (north and central) – Ngorongoro – Lake Eyasi.
Since the booking David Maro, the owner of the company, has been really great, customizing the tour following my needs.
Everything was really professional since the first email and the booking process was really smooth. Moreover, the price offered was really competitive.
Being a small company, Kili Slope has great care for their customers: the communication between the booking and the start of the Safari has always been accurate and effective.
Then, when the time for the safari arrived, everything from the beginning was absolutely fantastic!
1. the driver / guide, Jackson, is a safe driver and has great knowledge of the parks and we were always there at the right time to see the best things: the river crossing by the wildebeest, the lions hunting, the leopard having his food, the cheetah with her babies…
Moreover he was always helpful in explaining things and the dynamics of wildlife
2. the car was really comfortable and clean. Water was provided every day
3. the accomodations were really good, especially the tented camps in the Serengeti
4. the itinerary was well designed, we never had to rush and had enough time to enjoy everything at the right pace
5. David Maro was really kind and wanted to meet me at the start and the end of the tour: this is great customer care!
It was my fifth experience in Africa and i have to admit that this safari in Tanzania was the best of my life.
Kili Slope is a reliable company and i would suggest to book with them over the biggest company in Arusha if you want to have a better customer experience.
Thank you David Maro!
And thank you Jackson, the best tanzanian guide!

daniele p
Fantastico Safari in Tanzania – Amazing Safari in Tanzania
David will make sure that you have the best safari of your life, whether it is your first time or tenth time. He listens to your wishes, budget and expectations and makes sure he guides his crew to deliver what is promised.
I went on what is called a joining group tour so over 5 days I joined a couple of different Safari groups and all I can say is if you havent done this before and have a few extra dollars to spend, STAY FOR AT LEAST ONE WEEK!!!
The Serengeti is too good for a flying visit, it is at once breathtaking and unbelievable. I feel like I have less in common with my friends and family because they have not seen the East African plains before. It’s kind of like trying to explain what hallucinogenics are like to someone who’s never had them before; kinda tough and you come off as pompous in the process.
If you have a crew of three or more, definitely book a private safari so you can party in your own car. I liked being part of a group of strangers because I was riding solo, so make sure you prepare well.
It’s sort of a shame that this company does not have more publicity; it’s hard for small businesses to thrive anywhere in the world.
So if you are reading this and you’re a solo traveler who isn’t sure who to go with because let’s face it; everyone in Tanzania seems to be a tour operator these days, go with Killi Slope not one of the large companies. David will treat you well and make sure you have the time of your friggin life. Hell, he even wished me a happy new year via Whatsapp and it was already a month after I used his services. What a champ.

Serah N
Trustworthy and hardworking Safari team that wont charge the world but will certainly deliver it!
My husband and I decided to go on our honeymoon to the 6 days Safari in Tanzania. We had an awesome experience in Tanzania thanks to Lazaros (the guide) and David/Kili Slope Tours and Safaris. We travel in the second half of August and it was the dry season (they only have 2 seasons – dry and rain). Unfortunately, we missed the migration to Kenya (couple of weeks before).
We chose to do safari in the 4 parks (Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area). Each one of them have different characteristics and, in our opinion, it’s worth to do the 4 of them. Even though it was the dry season and after the migration to Kenya, we succeeded to see many many wild animals. And as they say it’s the “game driver”, because of Lazaros eagle eye and his familiarity with the wild life, we saw several wild animals very close to the car. There was a day when a leopard was surrounded by several cars and we could barely see it. Then, he saw that the leopard started to move and he moved the car and asked us to be patient. Boom! We had the best view of the leopard walking away from all those cars.
A few words about the safari guide: if you can, ask for Lazaros. We didn’t meet other guides, but we could see the difference between him and other guides when we sat together to have the lunch box. There are the professionals and the workers. And Lazaros is definitely a professional on his duty! Wise man, knows everything about the animals, their life, the differences in species, the difference in the wild life all year long, he could recognize wild animals far away, including different birds. And also he gave us some words about marriage life, since we are in the beginning of our journey…
Also talking to other people during the lunch box time, we realized that our tented camp in Serengeti was a very good one, so we should state a few words about it. The name is Serengeti Mawe Luxury Camp and we had an amazing room with toilet and shower with running hot water (not only I read, but other mentioned that they had a bucket on their heads with limited amount of water and in limited hours). One night, we had an amazing dinner under the stars, only with candles lights. Remarkable experience!
Last tip: bring your own binocular (there are several cheap ones selling in Aliexpress. We also bought Magnification Zoom Optical Monocular for the mobile phone and it was amazing). Although they say they have available in the car, they have only one. So if anything happens during the 6 days, you’ll be out of options…
As every trip, there were a couple of issues like a mismatch when they were supposed to pick us up in the airport (solved in 10 minutes), the Charity Hotel (issues regarding malfunction in some facilities and long wait for the dinner in an empty restaurant) that was also quickly solved by David (but don’t expect much from the hotels in Arusha, we stayed in the The Jevas Hotel and in the end it was worse than Charity).
Big thanks to David and Lazaros! You made this trip be very unique for both of us!”

Carol H
Unique experience and a must do!
Tanzania is an amazing and beautiful country and I would highly encourage everybody to choose the place for Safari. The people are all very nice, Hospitable and all really take the effort to try to conserve the natural environment in the country which leads to a vast concentration of animals. Kili slopes is the perfect company to take you on safari in Tanzania. David is very accommodative and made a personalized itinerary for us for an 8 night Safari. He is easy to reach and his pricing is very reasonable. He promised us we would see all the Big 5 animals during our trip and the Safari lived up to its billing. The diversity of animals far exceeded my previous Safari in South Africa, as we got a great look at the wildebeest migration/calving season in the Ndutu area right before the long rain season. We saw all the big 5 during our safari, several cheetahs and hyenas and even some rare finds such as a serval cat, albino baboon, and a hippo out of water! Overall our Safari was made because of our incredible guide Simon. He is very charismatic, speaks great English, communicates well and truly makes the extra effort to make sure that we get the best chance to see animals. In the Ndutu area off road driving is allowed and he made sure that we could get close enough to see lions in trees, leopards and cheetahs. He is very experienced and we always felt safe in his Jeep. He is very knowledgeable about all of the animals, has an eagle eye in spotting animals we otherwise wouldn’t have seen on our own and is easily one of the best drivers who goes into Serengeti. Additionally, chef Salim made us delicious vegetarian food during every night we camped (even Pizza!). Tanzania has very low rates of covid transmission and is safer than most western countries. Nonetheless, nearly all businesses (including David’s) take the proper precautions including having hand washing/sanitizer readily available. Overall Tanzania is a must see and Kili slope will make sure you have the best experience possible! If Simon is your guide you will certainly not be disappointed.

Incredible week of Safari