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The wildebeest migration, nicknamed “the greatest performance on earth,” involves huge herds of about two million wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles traveling thousands of kilometers in a largely circular route from the southern Serengeti, north into Kenya’s Maasai Mara, and back again.

The herds go through the entire life cycle, from mating to calving to death – frequently in the jaws of their many predators, the crocodiles and large cats, who are themselves maintained by Mother Nature’s magnificent, if harsh, cycle.


This never-ending voyage involves herds separating and reuniting, retracing their steps before continuing on, and other variants that might make the whole affair appear more chaotic than it is. And, while the herds typically follow the rains, it’s not an exact science as to when they’ll arrive at each location — timing and routes vary from year to year.

Staying in a mobility camp increases your chances of seeing the herds because these facilities move each season to follow the migratory pattern. If you have the time, try to stay at two or three camps in various parts of the Serengeti or the Mara, depending on when you visit.

The stunning river crossings are the most sought-after sights, but planning your entire vacation around them is perilous since the crossings are so unpredictable, and it’s far from assured that you’ll be in the right location at the right time. Consider seeing a river crossing as a bonus rather than the primary purpose for your trip.





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We only had 2 days for the safari and a very limited budget. Thanks to David and his team, we got a lot of positive emotions, saw a lot of animals in Tarangire and Arusha National Parks (including 4 of the big 5) and just had a great time.
Many thanks to Sia who turned out to be a very professional good guide, good driver and just a good guy.
I recommend Kili Slope to everyone.

Viktoriia Oleksiienko


It was the best experience so far.
We met David and he helped us with a lot of informations.
Kili Slope and tours is the best agency, Jackson ,the driver, is very kind and professional.I sent my request to at least 10 agencies but I chose Kili Slope.
We changed several times the dates, the schedule because of the pandemic but everything went well.
I would highly recommend it.

Safari Kelvin


David was instrumental in ensuring that every details of our 4 day itinerary was looked after with professionalism. Everything went as planned. Thanks to Our driver Stuart, who was knowledgeable, familiar with the landscape; we saw the big 5. The accomodations were all very good. I Strongly recommend them for your next safari. Asante Sana guys!