Tanzania Safari

Tanzania safari is a unique safari in the world, no matter your budget,age, interests or previous safari experience.Tanzania is a country of outstanding natural beauty, wonderful wildlife and rich culture, with over 120 tribal groups.

For many it’s the ultimate safari country, which is not surprising for a country that has more land devoted to national parks than any other wildlife destination, covering an incredible 33,660 km² and including the UNESCO-listed Serengeti, the setting for the famed wildebeest migration and Ngorongoro Crater, a vast volcanic crater ring, teeming with animals.

Tanzania is also home to Mt Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest free-standing mountain and Zanzibar, an idyllic tropical getaway, ideal for some blissful beach time

Tanzania Safari

Planning Tanzania safari

If you’re planning an Tanzania safari or vacation to Tanzania we are here to assist you in making it the trip of a lifetime. We believe that everyone has unique ideas and preferences for their ideal travel adventure. It is our goal to develop a custom travel itinerary for you that is competitive with any other African Tour and Safari company. We pride ourselves on creating a tailored experience that fits your budget, your time frame and allows you to see exactly what you want to see. You do not have to worry about a fixed itinerary or fixed departures or group travel arrangements.

We create a private safari experience that is built just for you, your preferences and your needs.
Kili Slope Tours And Safaris Ltd is jointly owned and directed by a Tanzanian with its operations based in the town of Arusha, which is located at the center of Africa . Our aim is to provide our clients with a budgeted and responsible journey to the natural and cultural marvels of this great country.
We work directly with our clients to develop the perfect tour and oversee all operations from our local office in Arusha .

Whether you are traveling solo or bringing a large group we can make your dream safari a reality. All of our guides are born and raised in Tanzania and are trained naturalists, environmentalists and unparalleled game spotters. They have strong relationships with the local government, local businesses and lodges. We ensure a safe Tanzania Safari trip and exposure to all of the hidden gems of the area.